The throwing up of dust generated by the circulation of trucks and construction machinery can account for a large part of the harmful pollution and workplace health risks on an industrial site.

SCANBOTICS offer a simple and robust watering system thought up for industrials and aggregates.

Each project is carefully examined to see the type of machinery driven around, their speed, how often they are driven and the direction of prevailing winds.

SCANBOTICS design and make ready-to-assemble installations adapted for industrial purposes by their reliability and robustness.

NOTICE: Our material is not comparable to watering systems for gardens and public spaces

SCANBOTICS work out the number of distinct and independent watering zones with the help of the client, taking into account the direction of traffic of clients’ trucks as well as construction machinery.

Each waterer is determined according to is pressure in usage, its range, its angle of output, its flow rate and the surface it can douse.

The pipe network is made of high density polyethyline PE 80 of which the diametre varies between 25 and 90mm depending on the flow rates and pressure loss of each watering zone.

The type of pump (submerged or surface) is calculated according to its type of input and the backflow necessary in the circuit.

According to SCANBOTICS’ recommendation and the client’s choice, the different possible functioning procedures of the watering system are as follows:

  • By industrial remote control with maximum watering times programmed for each zone
  • By pre-programmed cycle for a semi automatic usage
  • By a weekly, daily or hourly programme for an automatic usage
  • By weather station for an automatic usage in real time
  • Arrosage des pistes groupe CEMEX
  • Système autonome d'arrosage groupe CEMEX
  • Manifold for distribution in watering zones

  • Manifold for distribution in watering zones