Official distributor Hennlich (made in CEE)

    The spray guns (also known as water canons or sprayers) are used for the reduction of dust emmisions on demolition sites, setting down of dry bulk and powder, transportation of solids and loading of recycling centres in order to protect the environment and the personnel.

    Water under pressure is sprayedby the nozzles at the end of the spray gun. A powerful fan propels the fine water particles in the same way as a snow gun.

    The range of our spray guns (from 15 to 200m) is directly linked to atmospheric conditions (wind and ambient temperature)

    Our spray guns are equipped with a diffuser with nozzles, a fan on a 0-350° rotating frame, a filtration unit, a pump and a control box.

    As an optional extra, it is possible to add a 3 wheel tow-trailer, a 1000 litre tank, an additional pump and a power generator. Like so, the elimination of dust becomes completely autonomous.

    In certain cases, an organo-mineral binding liquid can be added in order to increase the stability of stocks for example.

    Finally, our engineering department carries out turnkey de-dusting tests on the whole site including studies and analysis, solutions schema of gun installation, automaton controlled manually or by weather station and operation cycle day/night etc.

    Semi mobile equipment

    Mobile equipment

    Mobile autonomous equipment


    • Demolition

    • Construction

    • Thermal power plants

    • Coal

    • Mines and pits

    • Port terminals

    • Recycling

    • Steelworks

    • Waste processing

    • Wood and paper

    • Environment

    • Odour control

    • Various humidification

    • Fire prevention



    GUN 15GUN 30GUN 50GUN 70GUN 100GUN 150GUN 200
    Range without wind (m)15305070100150200
    Surface covered (m2)6852740761514.92527.63262.172110.528
    Number of nozzles1818363680100120
    Droplets (microns)50100100100100100100
    Flow rate of water (l/h)1500 à 30001500 à 30007200 à 90007200 à 90007.200 à 960015.000 à 21.00015.000 à 21.000
    Fan (kW)2,247,5223790110
    Pump (kW)2,22,25,57,5222237
    Built-in filter (microns)4040100100100100100
    Mini power supply (bar)3334455
    Rotation (°)0-3500-3500-3500-3500-3200-3200-320
    Elevation (°)0-700-700-700-700-700-700-70
    Electrical power supply3 x 400 VAC 50 Hz
    16 A
    3 x 400 VAC 50 Hz
    16 A
    3 x 400 VAC 50 Hz
    32 A
    3 x 400 VAC 50 Hz
    63 A
    3 x 400 VAC 50 Hz 150 A3 x 400 VAC 50 Hz 300 A3 x 400 VAC 50 Hz 375 A
    Water fittingDN 25DN 25DN 25DN 50DN 50DN 50DN 50
    Weight (kg)150170290310410480510