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Dust suppression is a major factor in an industrial operation in order to meet hygene, safety and environmental standards.

While satisfying these expectations, the reduction of dust has a direct impact on the production  by improving the working conditions and the maintenance of installations.

Our  R-BOTICS © system adapts to all types of installaition and lets you control the dust coming from the preparation or transformation of materials.

R-BOTICS © reduces your dust emmissions by up to 80% while not modifying the intrinsic properties of your materials by using a controlled input of just air and water without adding more than 0.1% of humidity. This result is reached without chemichal additives.


SCANBOTICS use our own R-BOTICS © DF 043 special atomizing nozzle, the latest generation and of a design unique in the world which produces an ultra fine, very dense fog allowing it to create droplets from 1 to 10 microns.

The R-BOTICS © system generates a dry fog, playing the role of a filter in which the finest inhalable dust particles and cellular material are trapped and weighed down and thus stay on the materials.

R-BOTICS © works by saturating an atmospheric volume with a mist in which the dust particles find themselves clustered with droplets of water of the same particle size.

We thus get a well known phenomenon of the agglomeration of particles of different origins but the same size.


R-BOTICS © dust suppression system

  • Lowest water consumption on the market

  • Humidity input reduced to 0.1% at processing point.

  • No chemical additives

  • Adaptable to all existing types of installation

  • Ready to assemble

  • Purging of water circuit in case of freezing by injection of air under pressure

  • Latest generation nozzles, unique in the world

  • Self-cleaning nozzles

  • Low maintenance cost

  • Performance guarantee


The PNP 20′ control unit (L.6068 x W.2438 x H.2591mm) is a specially kitted out container which enables it to use a technical cabin dedicated to a complete system for dust control.

The equipment and the kitting out with a PNP control are adapted to the expectations and needs of the client.


  • Preparation and kitting out in our workshop
  • Speed and ease of installation on-site
  • Cabin dedicated to the dust control system.

Examples of options:

Double doors, Lighting, insulation, air-conditioning, heating, ventilation.

Schematic diagram