All of these terms refer to the process of forming drops of water of which the main difference is characterised by their diametre and density.

Numerous industrial challenges can be met by adapting the most appropriate technology.

For the sake of clarity, we can classify the different types of nozzle in the following way:


“Dry” mist: Diametre of water droplets between 5 and 20 microns

“Wet” mist: Diametre of water droplets between 20 and 30 microns


Water droplets measuring 30 to 60 microns


Droplets measuring more than 60 microns


The procedure of dust elimination by atomization put in place by SCANBOTICS consists of a micronisation of water, from which a mist is formed which eliminates dust.

Dry fog is achieved through a regulated mixture of water at low pressure and compressed air through ultrasonic nozzles. A mist made up of millions of micro-droplets is formed.

The R-BOTICS © DF 043 nozzles, designed and developped by SCANBOTICS have the unique capability of generating an incredibly fine homogenous dry mist of which the water droplets measure 1 to 10 microns, allowing high-performance effectiveness.

Our R-BOTICS © nozzles work by saturating an atmospheric volume with a mist in which the dust particles find themselves clustered with droplets of water of the same particle size.

We thus get a well known phenomenon of the agglomeration of particles of different origins but the same size.

The DF 043 nozzle consumes a very low quantity of water of between 3 and 10 litres per hour and by nozzle depending on the set up, making it the most economical on the market.

Our nozzles are equipped to perfecly match all types of adaptor. We therefore have a universal mounting which needs no modification to your existing systems.

Finally, the latest generation R-BOTICS © DRY FOG nozzles are completely unique and are equipped with a reinforced resonator (on the nozzle head) which has a robustness unequalled on the market. It is also interchangeable, which allows ease of (and cheap) maintenance


 We exchange for your worn out dry fog nozzles, whatever the make!

20% off (before tax) per R-BOTICS © DF 043 or DF 032 nozzle ordered.



SCANBOTICS offer spray and pulverisation nozzles with different angles, different jet shapes (flat, full cones and hollow cones) and a wide range of flow-rates in order to meet all possible needs.

These types of nozzle are used in our dust suppression systems in areas where a larger output of water greater than in atomization (dry fog) doesn’t pose any problem to the production line and allows you to prepare the materials. This is the case for primary hoppers, the stocking of materials and the supply of certain crushers.

Other applications such as the increase in the amount of water held in materials, cleaning ramps, humidification ports for truck boxes are treated with these nozzles.

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