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The TERRAGEN thermal power station in Mauritius produces about 370 GWh of electricity annually from bagasse

(residue got back during the pressing of the sugar cane) and coal. Its energy production provide for 15% of the island’s annual domestic consumption.

The production of electricity is made from bagasse during the cane-cutting season, from July to December, and from coal during the off-season.

SCANBOTICS has installed a complete turnkey atomization system on the various transfers and handling points of the bagasse production line.

The aim was the suppression of dust in order to meet the health requirements of the staff as well as the downgrading of certain dust-Ex areas.

After equipping the SOMAT quarry in France with a dust control system for the primary, secondary and tertiary stations, SCANBOTICS was again asked to treat the dust from the two loading tunnels 0/2 and gravel.

Several atomization ramps have been installed in the loading tunnels to fill them with fine fog and thus remove dust before they escape through the ends.

SOMAT has a modern crushing plant that is fully automated.

Production capacity: 1 000 000 tonnes / year

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The THIVIERS’s Quarries, which is part of the French group BASALTES, is today the largest producer of aggregates in the Aquitaine region.

The THIVIERS’s Quarries and its subsidiaries are committed to a voluntary approach to environmental progress and have entrusted SCANBOTICS with the realization of a turnkey dust suppression system.

The challenge was to eliminate environmental nuisance due to dust emissions generated by crushing, grinding, screening and material transfers.

In order to reduce the concentration of the dust emission to meet dust’s regulation, SCANBOTICS has set up a misting and atomizing system which makes it possible to slightly moisten the dust without generating quality problems materials or production.

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The CEMEX group trusted SCANBOTICS once again for its track watering project in one of its solid rock pits.

After their acquisition of an atomisation dust reduction system, CEMEX entrusted us with the research and implementation of an automated watering system for different tracks and paths of traffic used by dump trucks and loaders in the pitas well as many clients’ trucks.

A 22kW pump supplies the waterers which have a range of 30 metres, installed over 3 distinct mining zones

Abattage des poussières groupe Cemex

The moroccan mining group MANAGEM chose once again our R-BOTICS © system for dust elimination for their gold mine in Sudan. 15 zones are treated by atomisation and spraying to reach an 80% reduction in dust.

The elimination of dust is completely automated and is controlled under the general supervision of the mine.

A complete control unit was supplied in a 20 foot container

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SAMIN, a company which mines sand and minerals (part of the Saint-Gobain group), mines silica sand deposits as well as solid rock pits.

SCANBOTICS installed a dust elimination system as well as a track watering system for the building site traffic in a calcium pit.

The objective on the crushing and grinding site was to eliminate dust without humidifying the materials too much, causing them to clog sthe spouts, grinding mills and grills of seives.

That’s why SAMIN trusted SCANBOTICS with this project by keeping its R-BOTICS © atomisation dust elimination system.

The tracks for traffic in the pit give off an enormous amount of dust due to the fineness of the materials and the exposure to prevailing winds, therefore the company also ordered a track watering system from SCANBOTICS of which the completely automated system starts the watering cycles according to the schedule programmed for three zone in the pit.

A 30kW pump supplies the waterers, which have a range of 25 metres, to meet the client’s needs.

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