Our area of work

SCANBOTICS offers its expertise and innovative solutions.

Dust suppression, watering tracks, stabilization of tracks and stocks, control and measuring of dust, controlled humidification and cooling.

Amongst the most  common uses are mines, quarries, thermal power stations, cement plants, asphalt plants, tileries, brickyards, recycling centers and vegetable processing…

Dust suppression

Watering tracks

Spray guns

Aqua-binders for the stabilisation of stocks

Aqua-binders for the stabilisation of tracks

Controlled humidification

Measuring equipment for dust and solids

Nozzles, atomization and spraying

Ready to assemble kits

Spare parts

Our latest projects


Abattage de poussières sur l'île Maurice


Abattage des poussières carrière SOMAT


Abattage des poussières carrières de Thiviers

Dust suppression in a thermal power station in Mauritius…

Dust control for loading tunnels in a limestone quarry in France…

Dry fog and dust suppression in a massive rock quarry in France…